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Easy Returns

EU-based customers get 30 days for a return. There is no return policy for non-EU Customers.​

How to return products?

If you are an EU customer and you are not happy with your product for any reason, proceed so:

1) Let us know about your return via email (hello@sneakersonmars.eu); provide your order number and your Bank Account number in SEPA format.

2) Pack your shoes similar to the way you received them from us:

– put everything you received from us inside the original box;
– wrap original box with shoes into the protective bubble foil;
– only double-box (box inside box);
– put postal stickers only on the outside box;

3) Send the package to the address you receive from us. Address may vary depending on country of sale.

What next?

We will notify you as we receive the package. We will check if everything looks new and unworn and let you know (1–2 business days). After the successful check we will send funds to your bank account.